Aquagrand Black Misty Model 8 Ltr RO UV UF TDS ALKALINE Filter Water Purifier

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Alkaline Anti Bacterial Antioxidant Filter: Bio AAA ceramic Filter is applicable for post treatment of RO System it Adds essential Minerals which are generally removed the RO Plant during the purification process. Further, it increases the dissolved oxygen,pH and Alkalinity of water in present era, there has been a drastic change in eating habits and life styles of people. Now a days,the consumption of acidic food such as fast food, oily food and drink such as cold drinks, alcohol, tea & coffee has increased to a great extent. People are exposed to large amount of acidic waste due to Environmental pollution, present life style and also Lack of Physical exercise which ultimately leads to chronic diseases and various complication. Bio AAA Filter gives alkaline water which helps to Neutralize such acidic impurities and support in prevention of vitamin deficiencies.This water purifier has a capacity of 8 Ltr ,so as to ensure continuous supply of purified water even when there is no electricity or running tap water. With a fully automatic operation, this purifier begins the purification process when the water level falls below maximum. It automatically stops when the tank is full or when there is no inlet supply of water.The consumables including the pre-sediment filter,pre-carbon filter,ultra violet chamber, RO membrane & filter will not covered under warranty ,Only electric parts covered warranty. Installation charges are 500-700/-in all over India. For more information customer care number:08769114059 . TERMS AND CONDITION 1) Installation provided by seller, charges Paid by customer .if customer will install by third party so warranty will avoid (withdrawal) . 2) Membranes and filter is not cover in warranty (Filters are Consumables, Get Blocked or Choked Because of Water Only. If Water Quality is Good Filters Life will be More, If Water Quality is Bad (More Turbidity or More TDS) Filters Life will be Less). 3) RO Membrane will cover standard TDS of water (upto 1500-2000TDS) . 4) Water Purifies body color may be differ against Shaw on website. 5) Warranty cover for 6 month ( PUMP , SMPS). 6) Our Executive (customer care number:08769114059) Will solve customer problems within 24-48HR.