1000 LPH Industrial RO Plant

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The plant has been designed as per the above parameters depending upon your water test results. Scheme: Raw Water Pump→ Sand Filter → Carbon Filter → Anti Scalent Dosing System → Micro Filtration→ High Pressure Pump → Membrane FEED WATER TDS 4500PPM PRODUCT WATER 1000 Litre Per Hours RECOVERY 55% to 75% SALT REJECTION 95% In case of high Turbidity customer needs to provide a settlement tank and Alum dosing system is to be incorporated. The cost of the same has not been considered with in the scheme. Technical Specs: Raw Water Tank (Client Scope) This tank ensures a constant supply of the raw water to the machine. Feed Water Pump The system would require an Inlet Pressure of 2 Kg/cm2 minimum for smooth operation. To provide the same the Raw Water Pump is being incorporated in the system. Description Make : Crompton Greaves Power : 1.5 Hp 230 Volts Phase : Single Type : Mono Block PRESSURE SAND FILTER The system is required to be feed with “0” turbidity water. The Pressure Sand Filter is incorporated in the system to ensure the same. The Pressure Sand Filter offers a filtration up to 30 microns. The Filter consists of a Non Corrosive Vessel that can withstand pressure up to 6.5 Kgs/cm2, Multi Graded Sand Filtration Media for filtration, Internal Distribution System to distribute the water evenly inside the vessel for proper filtration, Multi Port Value (MPV) for easier operation along with Back Wash and Rinse facilities, a stand to hold the MPV in position and Pressure Gauges to know the position of the sand filter. The filter is designed for 14m/sec internal flow for proper filtration. Description: Vessel : Paintair Size : 13”54” Volume : 105lts Media : Silica Sand Multi Grade Min Operating Pressure : 1.5kg/Cm2 Max Operating Pressure : 4.5kg/Cm2 Avg Operating Pressure : 2-3kg/Cm2